The Most Popular Online Casino Games As They Are

Online gaming is not already a shady activity. It is legal and widely accepted. Year by year online casinos update the software, increase a choice of games and improve the conditions for the gamers providing them with a lot of various bonuses, promotions and other special offers. It’s a fair pleasure to play those games over the Internet. The operators ensure the security and take measures to keep the gamers’ personal data in secret. Moreover, the reputed online gambling resources are regulated by correspondent authorities and understand that credibility is very important for their prosperity. So here you can enjoy the excitement of being one of those who can win a jackpot.

Most Popular Online Casino Games

Advantages Of Online Gambling

The online games are available at any time and at any place where there is an access to the Internet. Their biggest advantage is still convenience. The players usually prefer focusing on gambling to the full extent that is not possible when visiting a land casino. They do not need to take a car, drive to a casino, order expensive drinks and dishes, to be involved in conversations with strange people. All that a gamer should have is a computer, the software and passion. Besides, the gambling websites offer instructions and detailed rules of games, which are helpful for the beginners. They provide a customer service, which can be approached by email or phone or via chat. So everybody starting online gaming can be sure that they are not alone here and can get assistance if there is a need in it.

And of course a big plus is a wide range of games to choose from. Now we are going to regard the most popular games.

Online Slots

The slots in land casinos are big mechanical systems operated with level or buttons. On the websites they look like an animated picture with background sound and music and have almost the same rules. A player should bet, choose one or several lines on the display and click a virtual button. The reels start spinning and offer a random result, which makes a player to win or lose. The point is that there is a winning combination that should be lined up. The number generator is not regulated that is why you can be sure of really random result. Fair enough. And on the other hand it cannot be forecasted by a player.

At the end of spinning the computer shows how much the winner gets. The sum can be withdrawn immediately or kept at the player’s account as long as it is needed. The more a player invests, the more he wins. If the combination is not achieved, the investments are lost and the computer wishes good luck within the next try. And at you can play video, 5-reel, 3-reel, 3D, classic slots and even a progressive jackpot when every bet increases the total winning amount.


Blackjack or “twenty-one” is one of the most common table games, which is available in online casinos as well. In order to be successful with it, a gamer should have quantitative skills and quick mind. That is a game where one is able to influence upon the result and has fun. The rules are not as easy as with slots for example, but still they are not as difficult as it may seem. The player should remember the cards going out from the deck. He can apply blackjack strategies though they say that there is no use of them as far as they do not work.

Several decks are involved in this game. Each of them consists of 52 cards. The dealer plays with a gambler but not the gamblers with each other. The player makes his bets, receives the cards and counts them. He is expected to get more points generated by the cards than a dealer does, but not more than 21 points. The excess means losing. It is cool if he has right 21 points because this is blackjack and it means he wins. If a dealer has it, all players lose. If a player wants to get the next card, he says “hit”, if he wants to keep the cards as it is, he says “stand”.  He can increase a bet. Being satisfied with cards, a player announces his points and compares them with points of a dealer.

In order to calculate the sum one considers the cards from two to ten correspondently; jack, queen, king as 10 points each; ace as 11 or 1 depending on the situation.

Here you can play even a progressive online blackjack and win a huge sum of money.

Video poker

There are different variants of video poker but all of them are regulated by the same rules. Starting to play, a player places a bet, presses a virtual button “deal”, and gets 5 cards just like in five-card draw poker. Then he can discard all cards or chooses some of them and the rest are replaced by new ones in a single random draw. In the long run the points in hands should be equal to the announced winning combination. If they are, a winner gets prize. You can find out the possible amounts of gain here –

Mobile casino

Just discover a new world for yourself with a mobile casino! Any kind of online gambling is available for you at any time of the day if you have any mobile gadget and internet connection. It is all the same as with online version but it is always with you. You can turn to QueenVegas, Betson, BitStarz Casinos and any others from the list you can find on and enjoy your time!